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At Knott we work hand in hand with our customers to develop the desired solution for the application. We have brakes of all types for these applications including highly effective wet and dry multi-disc brakes; heavy duty calipers and well tested and proven drum brake solutions.

With pressures on the farming, forestry and construction industries to be efficient, it makes sense
that some of today’s machines are faster, bigger, more powerful and more maneuverable. Braking technology for the mega-machines of today and tomorrow needs to be equally efficient, low-maintenance, convenient and economical.


1)  "Three-in-one" solution: Two hydraulic fixed caliper brakes as dual circuit service brakes and
a spring applied - hydraulic  released floating caliper as a parking and auxiliary brake for a wheel loader.
2)  Large-area mowing machine fitted with hydraulic servo drum brakes.
3)  32-ton forwarder with wet multi-servo disk brakes.

Utility | Recreational | Turf Care/Industrial

At Knott we understand the market requirements for your utility, recreational or turf care vehicles.
Markets such as these need low cost effective solutions for parking applications which we offer in
our compact drum brake configurations.

Service brake applications may be best suited for a disc brake. Knott offers mechanical calipers where
expensive hydraulic systems are not required and hydraulic calipers when they are. Don’t discount
the drum brake for a low cost service solution with parking easily integrated.





1) Amphibious recreational vehicle fitted with 2x41 fixed calipers the brakes are for service and
steer assist.
2) Zero-Turn mower fitted with Knott 152mm “Y” lever cam brake.
3) Industrial sweeper fitted with drum brake for service and parking. For more on this see special

Material Handling

Material handling encompasses a wide-range different disciplines. Starting from the warehousing
technology of classical fork lifts to container reach stackers weighing countless tons. A diverse
industry needs diverse solutions; here is where Knott has the advantage. With the most complete
brake line in the industry Knott can offer solutions for many applications. From spring applied- hydraulic
released floating caliper systems in container stackers to hydro-servo drum brakes in IC engine fork
lifts to multi-disc brake technology in electric fork lifts, we have your solution.

1) This fork lift with combustion engine is fitted with the 315x80 hydraulic servo brakes, a model
adapted specifically to the needs of the fork lift industry.
2) Container reach stacker with spring applied - hydraulic released sliding caliper FSG 90 as a parking
brake at the axle input.
3) Experimental fork lift model with individual wet multi-disk brake (ball ramp principle), integrated
in drive axle, with external spring applied combination brake cylinder as a failsafe system.

Axles | Trailer Products

Knott Offers a wide range of trailer products for the European market. Some exporters, sending trailers
into Europe, hire someone in Europe to retrofit them with CE approved components for road licensing.
In turn the under running gear that was purchased to get the trailers to Europe is not usable and
discarded as shipping them back is not economical. With Knott’s complete line of trailer products
available this costly process can be eliminated. We can supply everything you need for European
trailers all CE approved with necessary documentation. We have worked hand in hand with local
approval authorities so that trailers exported to Europe easily pass the licensing regulations for any
European country.

Paving equipment manufactured in America exported to Europe, fit with Knott mechanical surge
brake system, marker lights and coupler.

Horizontal Brush Grinder fit with Knott under running gear 300x60 cam brake actuated with air canister
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